Monday, August 31, 2009

Should Home Buyers Purchase Title Insurance?

What exactly is title insurance? It’s a kind of insurance which protects you from financial loss resulting from defects in the title to real property. Title insurance protects your ownership rights from claims against it and guarantees a seller has proper title to a property and can legally transfer it to someone else.

Title insurance is purchased at the closing of a real estate transaction for the benefit of the purchaser but the cost may be paid by the buyer, the seller, or both, depending on the jurisdiction. Lenders obtain title insurance to protect them from defects in the title which were not discovered by a title search. For a nominal, one-time fee, a new homeowner can also purchase owner’s title insurance to protect his or her interest in the property. Should a problem arise, the title insurer is responsible for legal damages to protect the lender and new homeowner.

The benefits of title insurance include…

  • Transactions will close quickly and more efficiently

  • A one-time charge which can save money over time

  • It protects against loss or damage as a result of defect in title ownership

  • It protects against matters which could not be found or discovered in public records

  • It protects against mistakes made during a title search

  • Peace of mind

Put simply, title Insurance will protect your title and your ownership rights from claims which may result in great financial loss. We invite you to contact a representative of our winning team to learn more about title insurance, including the kinds of title insurance policies available, and other unique aspects of the Trust Title Company team.

Trust Title Company is a new breed of title and settlement service provider for real estate closings and comprehensive loss mitigation solutions. The firm conducts title searches and closes real estate settlements across the U.S.

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  1. The blog has talked about basic idea behind title insurance and the benefits of title insurance. When you are purchasing a home, you should be hundred percent clear that seller who is selling the property is a 100% genuine owner of the property. You should be clear that there is no lien attached to the property and the seller can transfer the ownership of the property without any legal fuss. Title insurance actually safeguards both you and the lender who is offering you the loan against the loss that may generate due to some disputes related to the title of the property.